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Salesforce Integration

Do you want your employees to have access, anytime, anywhere, to the correct, current data so that they can work comfortably and efficiently? We can make this happen! CaseNine connects your Salesforce application in the shortest time to your back-end administration.

Our developers are specialized in creating APIs (Application Program Interfaces): smart protocols that allows software programs to communicate and exchange data with each other. For developers, APIs are a result: an API makes it easier to get access to data or functionality from another application without having to know all the technical details of it. With a good API, integration of applications is also easier.

API Expertise

Do you want to create an API, but you find it difficult to determine the right strategy for this process? Or you do not have the resources available that have the right knowledge to develop an API? Our CaseNine specialists already have over 1,500 hours of experience in building and connecting to APIs. We will gladly help you!

We offer a comprehensive set of services to help integrate cloud and on-premise applications.

There are web services or APIs in all shapes and sizes. REST and SOAP APIs are the most famous, but there are more. Web services are also APIs. Often such a service can be called through a specific URL that provides an answer in XML format.

The development of an API requires extensive specialized technical knowledge. It starts with choosing the right standard in which the API is built. A complex evaluation that depends on several things: your functional requirements, the existing architecture of your application and the knowledge that already exists in your organization. We at CaseNine will give you advice on you what is the best choice for your business!

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    The REST API lets you integrate with applications using simple HTTP methods, in either XML or JSON formats, making this an ideal API for developing mobile applications or external clients. also supports Apex REST, which lets you create web services on using Apex

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    The SOAP API lets you integrate applications that can create, retrieve, update or delete records managed by Salesforce,, and, records such as accounts, leads, and custom objects. With more than 20 different calls, SOAP API also lets you to maintain passwords, perform searches, and much more. You can use the SOAP API with any programming language that supports Web services.

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    Tooling API

    Tooling API provides SOAP and REST interfaces that allow you to build custom development tools for applications. While other Salesforce APIs can handle deployment, Tooling API was designed from the ground up to support the entire development lifecycle, including design, implementation, deployment, and maintenance. – Add features and functionality to your existing tools. – Build dynamic modules for development into your enterprise integration tools. – Build specialized development tools for a specific application or service. Tooling API exposes objects used in developer tooling that you can access through REST or SOAP, and works just like the Salesforce REST API and SOAP API.

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    Apex REST API

    The REST API lets you use a simple and lightweight API to access data, using standard OAuth, together with a choice of data flavors – XML and JSON. The REST API is configured out of the box to suit the basic CRUD (create, read, update and delete) operations of data management. Apex REST augments this functionality and makes it possible for developers to create your own REST-based web services using Apex. It has all of the advantages of the REST architecture, provides the ability to define custom logic and includes automatic argument/object mapping.

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    Apex SOAP API

    Apex SOAP Web services allow an external application to invoke Apex methods through SOAP Web services. Apex callouts enable Apex to invoke external Web or HTTP services.

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