Creating Advanced Salesforce Features

Add custom features and functionalities to Salesforce

Salesforce Development

Do you have the idea that you can get more out of your existing Salesforce solution?

The developers of CaseNine can build any desired functionality for you, no matter the complexity. Our specialty is the development of custom solutions on the platform. This may mean that we can add additional functionality to your Salesforce solution, but also that we can develop a completely new application, or app.

Salesforce Customization

You can generate greater returns by customizing your Salesforce application so that it integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure and operations!

Salesforce allows you to easily arrange screens and workflows without writing a line of code. Although this is the fastest and easiest way to customize the package to your needs, your options are somewhat limited. Chances are that sooner or later you will run up against the limits of the system and require additional functionality. In that case, CaseNine is your partner.

CaseNine’s complete toolbox

CaseNine developers can assist you in expanding your application with additional business logic or front-end components. For this, they have a complete toolbox with tools at their disposal: from the Salesforce APEX programming language, to the front-end framework Visualforce and the extensive Lightning Suite.

Do you need assistance when customizing with the use of Salesforce? Please feel free to contact us!