Dedicated DevOps team

Continuous delivery approach

Your own DevOps team

Fast go-to-market and rapid response through continues delivery with Agile and DevOps.

Do you have a large project that runs for a longer period? Then, we can put together your own DevOps team that builds, implements, and manages your Salesforce solution on site.

The advantages are obvious:
❏ No dependencies with other projects and/or customers.
❏ Less administrative overhead.
❏ The team will be located on your floor.

Why DevOps?

The technological revolution is in full swing. Companies are increasingly dependent on new technologies. To stay ahead of the competition, it is important that you can respond quickly to new trends and developments. With DevOps, the time-to-market of new solutions becomes shorter allowing you to deliver new releases of your software quickly. In doing so, you have taken an important step to remain successful.

What your own CaseNine’s DevOps team can do for you

The process of building customized software is complex. In addition to knowledge and experience, creativity, flexibility and good cooperation are important prerequisites for successful implementation. At CaseNine, we have developed a unique process where all these aspects are embodied. The DevOps team plays a central role.

The DevOps team is not only responsible for developing the software, but also for its management. This means that we reduce time lost in transferring the software from one team to the other. Everyone has the same goal: to ensure that the software starts to run as stable as possible in production.

Everyone in the DevOps team is responsible for the quality of the delivered software. As a customer, you manage the prioritized list of requirements, we build what you want. Every day we discuss the status of the task, any substantive questions and issues that need to be resolved. After each iteration, we evaluate extensively what went well or what can be done better. We keep each other on the ball and we can continually improve our process.

To ensure that we can deploy our software as fast as possible and in a stable manner, at CaseNine we have automated the testing and deployment process are much as possible. This allows us just to deploy software as often as needed. In this way we deliver fast-functioning software. By automating the unit and integration testing process, we can quickly detect and correct any issues in the code. By automating the deployment process, there is considerably less risk that an incorrect functionality ends up in production, and that incidents arise in production. Code reviews also play a major role in increasing quality. Moreover, it gives more insight into what is being delivered.