Mobile App Development

Build apps at the speed of ideas.

Mobile Apps in Salesforce

Do you lack the knowledge to build your own app?

The CaseNine team has the necessary experience to realize powerful, user-friendly Salesforce apps. We are familiar with the possibilities offered by the platform and the creation of smart, innovative solutions that help your business move forward.

More and more companies see the added value of developing their own app. This makes them available and always accessible via smartphone and/or tablet anywhere to customers or employees via smartphone and/or tablet. A smart app can also bring many benefits: more customers, more productive employees or continuous insight into your current business results.

App Cloud

Our CaseNine developers know exactly how to create, deploy and manage a mobile app quickly in the App Cloud. With the Lightning toolkit, we create fast, interactive apps of the highest quality. Also, we make good use of the Heroku platform: ideal for making the most dynamic apps giving you an advantage to the competition.

Salesforce web application

If you already have a Salesforce web application and you want an app that connects to it, a Salesforce app can be created relatively quickly and cheaply. The back-end of the app is equal to that of the web application. This reduces the investment significantly for our customers!

Building an app on the platform is not an everyday task, especially if you are still in the early stages of working with Salesforce. Therefore, it is always a good idea to seek the help of experts.

Interested in our ability to help you achieve your mobile Salesforce app? Feel free to contact us!