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It’s all about continuous delivery

Shared DevOps Centre

CaseNine’s process can be summarized in a few words: DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Agile.

At CaseNine, a multidisciplinary DevOps Center has been implemented in a manner that is entirely responsible for the development and management of software for different customers. We work with a tight schedule based on a prioritized backlog to ensure that each customer is served well. The clients themselves compile the list. You will decide which task receives our priority.

Why DevOps?

Companies are increasingly dependent on technology. The faster you bring new features to market, the better. The time-to-market becomes shorter with DevOps. This increases the productivity of your business, your customers are more satisfied and your profits will increase. This allows you to strengthen your market and stay ahead of competition.

What a Shared DevOps Center means for you

To make the process of working with a DevOps team successful, a high degree of predictability is needed.
At CaseNine we are not dependent on that one developer that peaks at the right time. We work with a team of developers, who each provides software at a high rate. They can do this because as a standard we have automated such tasks as setting up environments, deployments and testing, as much as possible. This allows our developers to have their hands free to devote themselves to the real issue: the delivery of functioning software.

Also, if your application has been in production, DevOps Center offers great advantages: If unfortunately you still experience an incident during production, then you need not worry that you will be sent from pillar to post. The DevOps team knows your application like no other and fixes the problem in no time. Would you rather manage your own software? That is also possible. We provide a clean transfer.

CaseNine’s Shared DevOps Center offers many advantages:

❏ Working with a DevOps team that is focused on collaboration, speed and results.
❏ Continue to work together with us to achieve the objective through experimenting, testing and evaluating.
❏ As a product owner, exert continuous influence on the final result.
❏ Regularly, through retrospectives, evaluate what went well or what can be done better.
❏ Reduced risk of downtime or errors by transferring from one team to another
❏ A tight, realistic schedule.
❏ Working in a dynamic, self-motivated team of professionals.
❏ You only pay for the work carried out on our behalf.
❏ Use of all facilities, knowledge and experience that the DevOps Center provides.