We’re going nuts over SaaS

Founded in 2013, we have our USA Headquarters in Arizona and European office in the Netherlands. CaseNine strives to reach the highest quality standards possible. We are specialized in SalesForce1, and Force.com. Part of the strength of CaseNine is the partnership that we have with SalesForce. Our passion is to provide world-class customer service and expertise so we can provide amazing apps. As a result, we deliver the most innovative applications for your business success.


We provide state-of-the- art custom solutions to our SaaS customers that we can design and implement more economically than they can. Our customers, in the USA and Northern Europe, come to see us as an extention of their own team.


We hire team members who enjoy the creative process of solving needs and this helps customers to power their business and become more successful. We build the most innovative SaaS applications. That is where CaseNine lives.



Maudy van Eldik

CEO & Founder

“Because of my experience, I chose to build a world-class company to fulfil the needs of the market place. In my days as a manager of 450 people at Atos, I needed a company like CaseNine to help me.” Maudy van Eldik

Maudy ran a division at Atos, which is now a 9 billion company, and his team included Sales, Customer Support, Software Engineers and Pre-sale Engineers. As the General Manager, he had his finger on the pulse for most of the revenue for this huge company. Maudy is a passionate IT entrepreneur. His professional passion is to help companies optimize the use of applications and solving integration with those applications. Also, to enhance business function for any Enterprise.

Maudy still considers himself an end-user. His strength lies in challenging software engineers to develop top-notch software, but even more importantly, to create the best functional software.


John Reighard

Exec. VP, Sales & Customer service

“Clearly growth is on the horizon for decades to come for the SaaS Industry, and I choose to be a part of the massive growth ahead.” John Reighard

John worked Exodus Communications, Data Centers, at the turn of the Century and that is when Saas companies were known as Application Service Providers, or ASP’s. He has seen the Saas industry mature over the years and get stronger, and remain profitable.

As our leader of Sales and Customer Service, he is uniquely prepared to help our customers achieve their goals. We hired him because of the raving reviews John has received when it comes to customer satisfaction.


Yannick van Eldik

Co-Founder & General Manager Operations

“We have built our company based on the principle of delivering superior Customer Service. My goal is to receive the highest marks from our customers.” Yannick van Eldik

Since 2013, Yannick has been managing CaseNine’s Development- and Customer-Support teams. The applications for which his team has been responsible created $1.9 Million, and is still growing! In a short period of time he became a Scrum Master based on his focus and his ability to create results. Yannick and his team have build apps for the Utilities, Education, Legal, HR, and Health Care industries.

In the past decade Yannick has implemented cloud applications where the following applies:
– helped 100+ companies moving to the cloud
– trained 7500+ users to use the cloud
– build several custom salesforce1 applications.