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Artificial Intelligence and Salesforce Einstein

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AI and voice are relatively new concepts for businesses. Concepts which can seem very difficult to start with but, just as with Blockchain, Salesforce has created a platform, Salesforce Einstein, to make it very easy for you to incorporate AI in your business.

What is artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the concept of intelligent machines ‘thinking’ like humans. This means these machines can recognize speech, solve problems, learn from and predict actions with data, and much more. AI is mostly used to make your life easier; you can ask Alexa or Siri all kinds of questions or you can have a conversation with a customer service’s chatbot.

Improve your business with AI

AI can be used to speed up certain processes, for example analyzing data and making predictions. This means that it can help bring your sales team to the next level. Or your marketing team knows exactly when to send newsletters, who to target for different types of campaigns and how to personalize social media ads or your website.

AI helps you to understand your customer and makes it easier to help them, convert leads and sell your products.

What is Salesforce Einstein?

Salesforce Einstein is basically Salesforce’s way for you to use AI without needing an AI developer or data scientists. As each company uses Salesforce differently, Salesforce Einstein is not a standard product that functions in a basic or standardized setting. Salesforce Einstein allows admins and developers to add Einstein to and customize it within your already existing Salesforce platform.

With Salesforce Einstein you can discover insights about your customers, predict outcomes, recommend actions and automate routine tasks. An important part of AI is machine learning. Salesforce Einstein does this automatically for you with automated machine learning (AutoML). AutoML goes through your data and detects errors, it helps you understand why customers are buying and it predicts what is important to your customers in order for them to buy a product.

Keep in mind that with clean data the system is able to learn better and make more accurate predictions, so make sure you fix your errors and duplicates as soon as possible.

All in all Salesforce Einstein makes it easier for you to use AI without needing extensive AI programming knowledge. Salesforce Einstein is a clever way to use all the data you have and improve your business.

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