For Energy & Utilities business managers

For Energy and Utilities business leaders

The demand for sustainable energy is increasing, resulting in differentiation in energy sources. 20% of energy utilities globally will manage periods of negative wholesale energy prices due to oversupply from renewable energy resources.

While historically, energy organizations have billed customers on the basis of fixed prices, flexible consumption is an easier, more effective, customer-oriented standard in the market. Such a flexible operation requires smart technology that supports energy generation and distribution cost-effectively.

Especially in the Energy and Utilities industries, the burden is even higher to ensure that applications remain permanently available, user-friendly, and secure while also driving towards better business results.

Our software engineers pay close attention to mapping out your challenges in order to devise the right tailor-made solution. It is not the technology that takes centre stage, but the user. 




Salesforce CPQ

Engie wanted to make the process of preparing a quotation up to and including the start of the contract and any changes to it transparent. This is basically mapping out the customer journey for an Engie customer. The first step was to create insight into the scope and size of the project, which the project team undertook together with Engie. We are now working on the implementation of this project.



Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Platform

CaseNine is working on multiple projects at Fudura. For example, Fudura wanted to build a connection register so that they could ease the administrative burden on private grid owners. Fudura’s administrative service attends to meter reading, messaging for supplier changes, (sub-)allocation and reconciliation, monitoring and communication of consumption volumes and, if required, customer-specific reports and invoicing.