For Developers

For developers

The Flexible Salesforce Platform

 To deliver modern apps, a combination of code tools and programmable code must be embraced. The Salesforce platform is flexible and enables these combinations because it is designed to compile low-code elements that can easily be extended with pro-code and AppExchange solutions.

CaseNine supports teams in a variety of ways based on leading technology. For example, our CaseNine software engineers are completely at home in an agile/scrum development environment, and we have

  • VisualForce, Lightning, Apex,, Heroku,
  • HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Json, Angular JS,
  • Jira, GitHub, Atom, Teamcity, Selenium,
  • Salesforce1, Mobile App and SDK at our fingertips.

Best practices

How we help IT teams

  • Pre-configured Salesforce Developers Seats
  • Pre-configured Development Street based on Salesforce DX
  • A Library with Plugins, Solutions and Approaches
  • Application development in DevOps or Shared DevOps
  • Energy & Utilities CPQ Best Practices
  • Telecom & Media CPQ Best Practices

Interested or questions?

We are Pro-coders

In the Salesforce market there is a description of what we do and who we are: pro-coders.

There are low-code solutions also called Point and Click at Salesforce that is: Process Builder, Flows, Workflows. And there are the Code languages; Apex for Salesforce but also all other languages that can be used on the platform. Pro-coders are good with code, possibly combining low-code with Apex (code). Pro-coders oversee the architecture, and oversee the impact of changes in large complex systems.