For IT managers

For IT managers

Your internal customers want to introduce new digital products to the market increasingly rapidly. At the same time, new applications must meet ever higher requirements but budgets are under strain. In short, more with fewer resources is often the main challenge.

On the road to a better result, it is very important that you can rely on an IT solutions partner who understands the challenges you face. This also applies to the Salesforce environment.

CaseNine develops, implements and customises Salesforce solutions according to your specific IT standards, centring on user-friendliness, optimum performance and high-quality technology, stability, security, availability and reliability. Always with the aim of ensuring that the solution fits seamlessly into your environment and meets the specific flexibility requirements.

Best practices

How we help IT teams

  • Pre-configured Salesforce Developers Seats
  • Pre-configured Ontwikkelstraat based on Salesforce DX
  • A Library with Plugins, Solutions and approaches
  • Applicatie-ontwikkeling in DevOps or Shared DevOps

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