CPQ implementation indispensable best-practices

CPQ best practices Budgets that are exceeded, deadlines that are not met: things can go wrong at [...].


CPQ Implementation? Set Clear Goals

In 2020, Vlocity was acquired and is now part of the software company Salesforce. Vlocity is now called Salesforce Industries and [...]


The best of TrailblazerDX 2022: Best-practices for Apex

TrailblazerDX (formerly known as TrailheaDX) is a Salesforce event aimed at Salesforce Developers, Architects, Admins and anyone working with the platform [...].


5 Key Trends in Offer Tracking

The right CPQ implementation contributes to a streamlined and optimized sales process. This is more important than ever: several trends are causing [...]

CaseNine Spotlight Series

Salesforce Industries CPQ Opportunities for the Telecom Industry

Major changes are taking place within the telecom industry in recent years. The need for flexibility within the process chain - from quotation path [...]


Data visualization in Salesforce

Did you know that it is very easy to visualize data in Salesforce? As a company, you probably have quite [...]

Technical Deepdive Series

The Basics Of Setting Up GitHub

What is Github? GitHub is a code-hosting platform for version control and collaboration. It allows you and others to collaborate from anywhere [...]


What is Salesforce Blockchain?

We were very excited when Salesforce Blockchain was announced at the TrailheaDX event. Now that it is officially part of Salesforce, [...]


The difference between a software developer and a software engineer

The terms or job titles software engineer and software developer are often used interchangeably. While an engineer and a developer [...]

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