E&U Cloud Spring '22 Release – Everything you need to know

E&U Cloud Spring '22 Release – Everything you need to know

The Spring ’22 Release Energy & Utilities is behind us. Where are we now in terms of functionality and possibilities? We have listed a few highlights for you, so you are informed instantly. The Salesforce Energy & Utilities Cloud Release highlights are listed below.

Multi-Site for Quote and Order Capture

Your organization may have dozens of locations and service points. The organization must be able to generate quotes and orders for each of these departments. To streamline and speed up that process, the sales team can logically group the individual locations and automatically copy the same information (such as product configuration and rates) to each individual within the group instantly.

Creating groups from an Opportunity

It is possible for employees to create a group from a quote. However, it is also possible to create and edit a group from within an opportunity. Those groups can be used for quotes and orders at a later stage. The grouping is carried over to the next stage as such. You can expand and adjust the groups afterward. Keep in mind that those changes only happen for the quotes and are not changed in the group you created from the opportunity at the time. So it is one way. You can request all service points in one view and adjust the sorting order. You can also create or edit new groups, based on selected service points. Each group becomes its own cart, which you can adjust later. You can also adjust filters for specific attributes. Flex cards enable you to create your own filters based on customer needs.

Generating quotes and orders for multiple groups

It is possible to generate quotes and orders instantly for a large group. You can request each group and the service points and have the option to switch between the groups. You can request products via the catalog example of the LWC cart. Moreover, it is possible to add and adjust products in the joint cart and to copy them to all service points. When necessary, you can adjust individual quotes. It is also possible to validate the cart, based on predefined rules and pricing models. You can designate a joint cart to generate an order or create an individual quote.

Large Account Sales Management

With Large Account Sales Management, your organization can not only streamline sales operations, but also leverage analytics to help sales teams manage leads, close deals, and explore the aforementioned multi-sites quotes. All active leads, quotes and the sales pipeline are shown in a separate view. All information is displayed in a clear window. This way, you will find all relevant information, such as the account name, contact person and status. You will also find an overview of relevant opportunities, with additional information, such as an estimate of the chance that the sale will go through and what stage the opportunity is at. Thanks to a 360-degree view, you can see contracts, relationships and quotes, among other things. The same environment also gives you access to the previously discussed multi-site quoting feature.

Pension for Angular JS

A future release will say goodbye to the Angular JS interface for Salesforce Industries CPQ. When the time comes, this will be announced by Salesforce and organizations can prepare in time for the transition to the LWC interface for Salesforce Industries CPQ. This announcement comes as no surprise: at the end of December 2021, Google already ended support for Angular JS. Using LWC is the logical next step for new projects.

More information
To read more about the Spring ’22 Product Release, you can also visit the official Salesforce news page here.

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