The best of TrailblazerDX 2022: Dynamic Interactions in LWC

The best of TrailblazerDX 2022: Dynamic Interactions in LWC

TrailblazerDX (formerly known as TrailheaDX) is an event aimed at Salesforce Developers, Architects, Admins and anyone involved within the Salesforce Ecosystem. Of course, we at CaseNine stay up to date with all Salesforce developments, with a particular emphasis on both technical developments and CPQ. Theodoor van Donge, Lead Software Engineer at CaseNine is explaining more about Dynamic Interactions in LWC.

One of the topics in the spotlight at TrailblazerDX was LWC. There are three ways to communicate between Lightning Web Components: DOM events, Lightning Message Service (LMS) and Dynamic Interactions (DI). Dynamic Interactions will become available in the Spring ’22 Release.


Important highlights

There are various highlights to report about LWC. We have listed the three main points below.


#1 Communication between LWC via Lightning App Builder

Event communication between LWC via Lightning App Builder. Admins can now also use Dynamic Interactions to make the Lightning Web Components dynamic. If a button is clicked in an LWC component, you can now link a response to this event in another component.


#2 Dynamic Interaction Event

When you are developing LWC components, you can declare the definition of the Dynamic Interaction Event. An example is shown below. 

lwcExample: js-meta.xml configuration file for an Account List source component. It includes an itemselected event, and its schema includes apiName and recordId as defined in the .js file (source).


#3 Edit LWC components

Developers can now use Dynamic Interactions to edit LWC components with updates/events from other page components. For example: the user clicks on a button in component A, but something also has to change in component B. The two can now be linked together by a non-developer by means of Dynamic interactions. This does require some preparation: when making the LWC component, the developer must have added the declaration and publish step for the event.


In depth

Do you want to know more about building components that communicate with Dynamic Interactions? View the Salesforce blogpost here.

Do you want to know more about the benefits of a CPQ solution in practice? Read more background information here or contact us directly for a consultation.

Theodoor van Donge
Author // Theodoor van Donge

Theodoor van Donge is Lead Software Engineer at CaseNine. In this capacity, he is responsible for various CPQ implementations at customers, including energy supplier Engie. In addition to his involvement in the actual development and implementation of CPQ solutions, Theodoor also advises customers in the areas of process and strategy. In doing so, he uses his substantive expertise and practical knowledge.

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