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At the end of May a part of the CaseNine team traveled to San Francisco for the TrailheaDX conference. The Salesforce TrailheaDX conference is an event by Salesforce where Salesforce developers can network, follow workshops and where you can learn about new updates and releases of Salesforce.


The CaseNine team was very enthusiastic about the event. “I just started working for CaseNine and with Salesforce less than a year ago and thanks to CaseNine I had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco for the TrailheaDX event. TrailheaDX was amazing and awesome. I never really realized how big Salesforce is until I went to San Francisco” says Carlos, a developer at CaseNine. According to Azor (also a developer) the event exceeded his expectations and he enjoyed meeting the people behind Salesforce and other developers the most.

It is interesting to meet Trailblazers from all over the world at an event like TrailheaDX. At the conference you have conversations with Salesforce developers and consultants and you can discuss everything you encounter while working with Salesforce during your daily work. It is also very easy to start a conversation with the people who are directly involved with Salesforce developments.

New features

Next to the many workshops you can follow, there are also sessions about the latest Salesforce developments. For example; flow templates, flow builder enhancements and in-app guidance are most likely added as new Lightning features. You can also probably expect a new Salesforce Mobile App and the arrival of Salesforce Blockchain, a new feature our team was most excited about.

Salesforce Blockchain

Salesforce Blockchain is a low-code platform which enables you to use blockchain within Salesforce. Blockchain is still a vague term for many people, but Salesforce comes with an easy to understand platform where you can use blockchain between Salesforce and third-parties. Azor: “I definitely enjoyed learning everything related to Salesforce Blockchain, as it was something that I did not expect and it attracted my attention due to its innovation and originality. I am looking forward to learn more about it in the future.”

In conclusion Salesforce TrailheaDX was a huge succes. The team did a lot, learned a lot and they can’t wait to implement all new learned knowledge and skills at work.

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