Building an asset register in Salesforce


In short

Type: Several Salesforce projects
Products: Salesforce Lightning
Activities: building, implementation, data migration, automation

About Fudura

Fudura is part of the Network Operator, Enexis, and focuses on the corporate market. As well as measuring and making energy flows transparent and controllable, they also rent out equipment. As an industry leader, they offer, for both businesses and consumers in the Netherlands, reliable and effective solutions for energy management.

The Businesscase

European Legislation requires that Utility companies offer free choice to consumer and business customers. Fudura offers outsourcing support to all its customers, especially customers with a private network. Their customers need to report the meter reading and administrative changes; for example, allocation, reconciliation, monitoring and communicating.

Our activities

  • Built a Database on Force.com containing all customers in Fudura‚Äôs network.
  • Provided EAN codes for the connections of everyone in the network.
  • Organized the process of (sub-)allocation and reconciliation.
  • Created a solution for the efficient processing of the message traffic.
  • Integrated the Connection Database to the financial system SAP FI/CO.
  • Connected the Database with the external electronic billing centers.