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How to visualize data in Salesforce

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Did you know it is really easy to visualize your data in Salesforce? As a company you probably have a lot of data in Salesforce. Data can be pretty useful to figure out which areas need improvement or are doing really well. Visualized data makes that even easier.

Why visualize data?

Data presented in charts and tables is easier to understand and interpret than a long Excel report or a Salesforce report. Visualized data is an easy way to see trends, patterns and opportunities. Visualized data in pitches or presentations can just make it that more convincing.

How to visualize data in Salesforce

It is really easy to create a dashboard in Salesforce and visualize the data that comes from a report in Salesforce. All you need to do is create a report with the data you need, create a dashboard and add the report as a component to your dashboard. You can add several components, from a variety of charts to gauges and tables. If you are not exactly sure how to do this, you can follow the ‘Reports & Dashboards for Lightning Experience’ trail on Trailhead.

Different dashboards for different teams

Not every team needs to access the same dashboard and you don’t always need to show all components from the dashboard in your presentation or pitch. You can make several dashboards in Salesforce for all kinds of teams and purposes. Before creating a dashboard think of things like the purpose of the dashboard, the teams who are going to have access to it, which data and how much data you are going to show and the types of charts you are going to use.

Sample reports and dashboards in AppExchange

If you don’t want to create your own dashboard from scratch, you can also download sample reports and dashboards from AppExchange. These packages are free and can be completely modified to your needs. Keep in mind though that some components of these packages easy to implement, but they can have limitations or might not be suitable for your company.

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