Energy & Utilities

Organizations within Energy & Utilities face several developments, including:

  • Climate change, including accelerated depreciation of assets
  • Transition to renewable energy sources
  • Modernizing the customer experience

We provide professionals with a unique combination of technical know-how and in-depth industry knowledge, so that you can best respond to key developments within Energy & Utilities.

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Climate Change

For example, climate change has major implications for industry. Changing weather such as wildfires, storms and floods increase the risk and associated costs to industry. Consider:

  • Accelerated depreciation of assets
  • Increased maintenance and repair costs for assets
  • Service interruptions

These risks affect service delivery and customer experience.

Renewable energy sources

The transition to renewable energy sources is being accelerated, in part, by financial pressures and increased regulatory requirements. The energy transition means that organizations in the oil and gas field must change more quickly. This requires new business models, new processes and a new organizational structure.


  • Using legacy systems in a regulated marketplace
  • Customers become more influential and empowered, for example with questions about where the energy comes from
  • Price caps to keep prices under control
  • Exploring new business solutions, by better harnessing data and digital technology to change behavior, among other things.
  • Modernizing the customer experience through digitization, resulting in 360-degree customer views and modern self-service capabilities.

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CaseNine's experts have a unique combination of technical know-how and in-depth industry knowledge. At every stage of the project, CaseNine's experts are there for you. Discover the CaseNine Method: our proprietary approach that ensures consistent quality and satisfied customers time after time.

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