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CaseNine has developed an extensive number of Apps and Components for the Salesforce Lightning framework. Lightning Apps and Components add functionalities of your choice to the Salesforce environment. Our Apps and Components can be found in the Salesforce AppExchange apps marketplace

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TimeCapsule App – Energy & Utilities

  • Track unlimited number of fields per object, either standard or custom
  • Holds data longer than the standard 18-24 months
  • Track the history of deleted records
  • Quick filters and an advanced search engine allow you to quickly find relevant data
  • Excellent tool for Energy & Utilities domain which needs to keep energy metering data history for a long period
  • Easily identify deleted or modified records
  • Capture changes for complex data types, including formula, text area, global view, drop-down list with multiple selection, and cross-object formula fields
  • Edit metering data mutations to the past
  • Admin panel to easily set up and manage the app
  • History of data does not take up any Salesforce storage space

Respondir voor Marketing & Sales

Excellent visual tool for automating follow-up actions such as following up on sent proposals or quotes

  • Remind potential customers when a quote is still outstanding
  • Never forget to send a reminder
  • Make the most of your follow-up actions
  • Built in the Salesforce Lightning style
  • Native app

Salesforce Developer Seat

A developer seat ensures that you can start a project immediately. These are standardised development environments that ensure a uniform method of working. Elements that are part of a developer seat are:

  • CI/CD (incl. all development tools, editor/git/teamcity)
  • Test automation
  • Standard components
  • Standard library

Twinfield Interface API

Create interfaces between different application
CaseNine has extensive experience in linking applications such as Twinfield, Kewill, Exact, RoutIT and Datarotonde with the Salesforce platform, enabling you to exchange data very easily and avoid having to re-enter data in different places.
We have built a standardized Salesforce/Twinfield API especially for Salesforce and Twinfield users. One adjustment in the Twinfield environment means an automatic update in the Salesforce app.

  • Update account details between Salesforce and Twinfield
  • Resolves problem of two departments not having equal customer data
  • Company can choose leading system

TimeCapsule Component

  • Excellent visual tool for tracking history of data changes
  • Visual graph on all Salesforce records to see all field changes
  • User-friendly summary button to view track changes without leaving the record page
  • Built in the Salesforce Lightning style