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It is pleasant to work with people who do not require a lot of explaining. The developers of CaseNine know the Salesforce platform like no other, they know what is possible and they like to think with you about the right solution to your problem.

Our developers are all ambitious and driven, and the best in the field of Salesforce development.

CaseNine's expertise:

Agile/Scrum development

VisualForce, Lightning, Apex,, Heroku, Salesforce NPSP

HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Json, Angular JS, Ionic

Jira, GitHub, Atom, Teamcity, Selenium

Salesforce1, Mobile App, Mobile SDK


Salesforce issues

If you have a Salesforce problem that your own people cannot solve, you can hire one or more CaseNine consultants on a secondment basis. The professionals of CaseNine have all the knowledge and experience to get your project up and running in no time. They look at your company with fresh eyes and are keen to get to work with the team.

DevOps and Shared DevOps

If you have a large project running for a longer period of time, we can also put together a dedicated DevOps Team for you to build, implement and manage your Salesforce solution on site.

Of course you can also call in the Shared DevOps Team in Amersfoort. CaseNine in Amersfoort has a multidisciplinary DevOps Center that is fully responsible for the development and management of software for various customers. To ensure that every customer is served well, we work with a tight schedule based on a prioritised backlog. As the customers compile this list themselves, they decide what is given priority.

Can we help you with your Salesforce question or issue? Please feel free to contact us!

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