Salesforce1 platform

Salesforce1 platform

CaseNine Salesforce, runs on Salesforce, is a platform on which you can develop and run different applications. Salesforce CRM is an online system where users can monitor their entire sales process. The platform allows you to create or add-ons (additional features) for Salesforce, or run an entirely stand-alone application.

Wizz-kid skills?

Is this just a platform for developers and whiz-kids who develop applications? No, As a user, all you will need is a Salesforce account or a account. In addition, you should know exactly what kind of functionality you want. Once you have these things in order, you can go to the Appexchange and start looking for the right application. The applications, for the most part, are plug & play. If you are not ready to go straight to work, then the Appexchange demo offers samples and videos of other stand-alone applications to help you come up with some ideas.

Hello, is anyone there?

When choosing a platform or functionality you always look at the ecosystem. What has been offered? How do the different applications work with each other? is a huge platform and has a massive ecosystem with over 4 million users. All users have access to the Appexchange, as this is the marketplace of the platform. You can sell your app here and purchase other applications, currently it has 2.2 million installations of different applications. The applications are neatly divided into segments and functionality, giving you a clear overview .


Are you ready to create your own application? Create a account and start building. You will need some technical knowledge, however, the building process is very intuitive. If you want an entirely unique functionality with your look and feel, you will need to program in Apex. As you can see, there are several options and layers on the platform, which is why we love to work with