Outsourcing Salesforce DevOps

We offer you a multidisciplinary DevOps Center, where our professionals ensure adherence to a tight schedule with prioritized backlog. You are always assured of the highest quality and benefit from a shared workload.

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The CaseNine DevOps team

Our software engineers have extensive DevOps experience. Build, deploy and manage the Salesforce environment at your own location.

  • Opt for a Shared DevOps team where you will use the multidisciplinary DevOps Center that CaseNine has set up in Amersfoort.
  • A tight schedule with a prioritized backlog ensures the progress of your Salesforce projects.
  • A Senior Engineer oversees the QA process so that you are always assured of the highest quality.
  • The workload is shared. The result: a more attractive rate compared to hiring talent separately.

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