Technical Consultancy

Our technical consulting service provides the right Salesforce engineer and developer in the right place.

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In which we can help you

The professionals at CaseNine Salesforce Engineers will help you with issues such as:

  • "My market is changing at lightning speed. I need a shorter time-to-market, otherwise I will lose out to the competition."
  • "I can't lose valuable time when starting a project."
  • "There is a clear business strategy. This must now be translated into a technical solution."
  • "My current partner did not provide sufficient quality in implementation. This needs to be resolved."
  • "For my product or service, I am constantly introducing new functionality. That has to be available quickly."
  • "In my IT environment, different (programming) languages are spoken. I need a partner who is not limited to APEX."

CaseNine Salesforce Engineers seamlessly translate your business goals into an appropriate Salesforce solution that is scalable, future-proof and reliable .

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A 30-minute substantive interview with a CaseNine Business or Technical Consultant

Staying sharp in a changing market. That's where you can use all the help you can get. For half an hour, you'll discuss ways to improve your current IT processes. The CaseNine Consult provides you with a concrete list of improvements for the current IT trajectory.
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