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Switching to Salesforce Lightning

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Not sure if you want to switch from Salesforce Classic to lightning? Switching seems like a project that costs a lot of time, not to mention the teams that need to be introduced and get used to a renewed system. Regardless if it takes time, we are convinced switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning is worth the extra effort.

User-friendly and efficient

First and foremost, Salesforce Lightning is much more user-friendly and more intelligent than the classic version. Despite several roles within the team, the system is easier to use for everybody. Salesforce lightning is designed in a way that the workflow is simplified and that teams can work more efficiently and productively.

Also, there are more new and improved features within Salesforce Lightning, like a performance chart, a virtual assistant, the possibility to take notes and add logos. Next to that, the system has gotten a complete new look and the desktop version is inspired by the user-friendliness of an app on a mobile or tablet.

Switch back to Classic

Fortunately, you don’t have to switch from Classic to lightning immediately. Because not all functions from Classic are supported in the Lightning version, Salesforce Classic remains available. Once Lightning is up and running, you can switch to your Classic environment in just two clicks. So users who have switched to Lightning can always go back to Classic.

No updates

A more urgent reason to switch to Salesforce Lightning is that Salesforce is not going to update the classic version anymore. Concerning adding new features and updating Salesforce is going to focus on Lightning only. This does not mean that you cannot get any support for Classic, support and service will still be available.

You can hardly go wrong with switching to Salesforce Lightning and is highly recommended if you want to work with a more efficient and user-friendly platform. Still in doubt? Then you can use the Salesforce Readiness Check. A tool provided by Salesforce that checks for you if your current version of Salesforce is suitable for a quick switch to Lightning.

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