The most important factor for a cloud application

The most important factor for a cloud application


More and more applications seem to work fine in the cloud. Automation is one of them. The special feature of these applications, such as Google Apps for Business, is that we really only one aspect of show; the interface. (Almost) nobody knows how Google Apps actually work, we only see a login screen and the actual web applications.

Open Source

You can make an estimate how it should work, however, it’s not that easy. Of course, that was never the case, but anyone with a little knowledge of software development could be based on the interface of Word or Excel to imagine what it would be back to these applications. Open source is still transparent. Market leaders in IT such as Microsoft have often argued that closed source would be better, where the open source supporters again flawlessly could peddle the positive aspects of available sources .

The CloudApp

But perhaps there has emerged a new kind of application; the CloudApp. It is closed source, but is not. A developer software in the cloud ‘is run does have natural insight into his or her code, but uses an environment that is more or less closed. Salesforce and the platform are a good example.

A little creative thinking through passes with that knowledge in mind, a glimpse into the future. Now we learn to accept all together it’s not very interesting where and how data is stored, is something else more interesting; the way data is presented to us. If we draw a parallel with eg Google Apps for Business, then we see that the choice of architecture actually is not made on the basis of technology. This choice is made in the areas of functionality, availability, reliability and of course affordability. When I talk about Google Apps, I talk with our customers about the functional value, and rarely on the art.

User interface

The user interface is the most important factor of a web (or cloud) become application. That interface offers the necessary functionality. And perhaps some cloud vendors do have that key to the future in hands. It does not matter how it works, if it does what it should do. Cloud computing allows a user to work with the only aspect that is relevant to their information needs; The interface of the application. Amount of data, location, availability, and hence underlying technology; it becomes less and less necessary as a user of all knowledge.

Focus on the user

In our view this is a very good point. Why should a user need to know what a VPN, or security, or any connection to his or her state decision? Users want fast and can work reliably systems, no hassle. Let’s put users first, and let the technique so fade into the background that it is a matter of course. Cloud computing lets us do that. It allows functional creativity to which the technique is no longer leading, restrictive or mandatory. A great starting point for a future in which ICT is perhaps techies important for a specific couple. The rest of us just use ICF; Information, Communication and Functionality.