UX Design "Only for Millennials…"

UX Design "Only for Millennials…"


Modern IT applications such as Web applications on the force.com platform, as well as Google Apps for Business, are the innovative features and capabilities. Independence of platform or device, but also secure, scalable, stable, with the very best search technology and so on.
Nowadays, many online services already provided with a virtually unlimited amount of data. Think of the latter agree to online resources such as natural Google.com, as well as Google Maps, Wikipedia, not to mention the great Wolfram Alpha. (And, okay, Bing).

Fast relevant information

We see more and more that technology makes it possible to access relevant information. For example, if you search for a topic on ‘Google’, you are likely to encounter the “knowledge graph,” which is a ‘map’ containing relevant information. Further this map will make it even easier to search for even more related topics. If desired, you can initiate a search by calling “Ok Google” to browser (Chrome!), Smartphone or, more recently, watch. This watch, like the groundbreaking Google Glass, is a new interface. It provides access to information, which is extracted from data stored elsewhere (in this case Google).

Only for Millennials

For personal use, we frequently use Google. Although you do not have a lot of people on the street talking to a watch or glasses, this is not as far away as you think. In fact, it’s all available. Today’s millenials find it all quite normal. What remains surprising, however, is that businesses do not seize these opportunities.
Of course, the benefits of an online force.com application, or an office that works in the cloud are visible and quantifiable. But the real power is rarely used. Enterprise, the IT manager, CIO – they often think of an old-fashioned approach. Strangely enough, there they are often pointed out by end users: “I can at home, but this is not the case”. A common answer is that the complexity of enterprise data security, or the company has specialized requirements. But that’s nonsense. Is a business ever more complex as the entire web? (Google?) And all scientific information (Wolfram Alpha) or the most detailed map of the world, the moon and Mars? (Google Maps and Google Earth).

Old-fashioned approach

Commercial organizations are competitive. The game is played according to economic rules – make more profit at less cost than the competition and you will become a market leader. Efficiency, speed and operate innovative are thereby known and important motives. Yet many organizations continue to linger in the old-fashioned approach; turning everything themselves, develop themselves and especially not allowed to use the opportunities that have become available in recent years …
CaseNine aims to satisfy the end user with its solutions. That in itself is not the groundbreaking goal, but the way we achieve it. We use what is available, and we can achieve better software, faster solutions. Doing things like scalability and security simply arranged. However, and most importantly, we try to get the latest technology in the hands of the employees of the company. We pass on the use of modern, but ubiquitous technology an extra boost to the power of information. That makes for happy users who suddenly realize that they can home to the matter simply is possible.

Quick ahead

Companies can now embrace tomorrow realize a significant advantage of the power of modern technology. A strengthened market position, efficient organization and lower costs. It is now time to hook up. Start now ensures that made ​​quicker use can be of upcoming new technology. Start now and aligning the ICT strategy on existing capabilities ensures that organizations can continue to bring benefit from the developments. These developments go fast, and non-use of it creates an increasing need to catch up. So, try out what you as a company might not have done so; please get in touch with us. We tell here like to talk about much more.