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What is Salesforce Blockchain?

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We were very excited when Salesforce announced Salesforce Blockchain during the TrailheaDX conference. Now it is officially here and we would like to help you understand what Salesforce Blockchain is.

What is blockchain?

In Business, blockchain is a relatively new way of storing data. Blockchain is unique and safer because it consists of a chain of blocks filled with data that is decentralized. Meaning, the data is stored across a variety of data servers. Simply put, a block within a chain consists of data, a hash (the ID of the block) and a previous hash (the ID of the previous block within the chain). This is also the way the blocks within a chain are linked with one another. These hashes are what makes Blockchain so secure; when you tamper with one of the blocks, the hash of that block changes. This makes the connection between the other blocks invalid because the hash of the block has changed, therefore the next block cannot connect to the previous block anymore.

Another way blockchains makes sure your data is secure is by distributing the chain across a P2P network. Everyone can join and when a new block is added every device connected to this blockchain network (node) verifies the block, makes sure it hasn’t been tampered with, and then it gets added to the chain. This creates consensus, each node agrees on which block are valid and get added to the chain.

What is Salesforce Blockchain?

Salesforce Blockchain is a low-code platform which enables you to use blockchain within Salesforce. With Salesforce Blockchain you can use the blockchain technology to create your own blockchain for securely collaborating on and sharing CRM data with partners. Just as with regular blockchain technology, the chain is decentralized and distributed among multiple parties, every member can see the same data and, optionally, receives a notification when something is modified or added.

Within Salesforce it is possible to create blockchain networks, data and apps with clicks, not code. Salesforce helps you to actually use the blockchain data with the capabilities of the built-in Salesforce functionalities. Finally, it helps you to share your blockchain with your network partners with Lightning Apps or prebuilt APIs for supporting partners that do not use Salesforce.

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