What is it like to start a new job during covid-19

Starting a New Job During Covid-19

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At the beginning of March 2020 everybody’s life changed drastically. We all had to adjust to a new situation where working from home became the new normal. Luckily for us at CaseNine, most of our work is done online anyways and just had to get used to not seeing each other in real life anymore. But what if you haven’t …

Wat is Apex Salesforce

What is Apex?

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For Salesforce developers Apex is almost like their second language; they know this type of programming language inside out. But what exactly is Apex and when do you use Apex? Salesforce’s Apex explained Salesforce defines Apex as: “Apex is a strongly typed, object-oriented programing language that allows developers to execute flow and transaction control statements on Salesforce servers in conjunction …

Download button CaseNine

The Download Button – An AppExchange App

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Most Salesforce users work with multiple accounts. Every account has its own place for attachments, but sometimes it can be useful to have the same file available for every account. This might come in handy when you quickly need a template for an invoice or presentation. Nobody likes to ask the marketing or finance department to send you the template …

voordelen van Salesforce NPSP

5 Advantages of Salesforce NPSP

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About a year ago Salesforce.org introduced the Nonprofit Cloud, a combination of Salesforce products that meet the specific needs of nonprofit organizations. A big part of the Nonprofit Cloud is the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP), this pack adds elements to Salesforce that are specifically created for nonprofit organizations. Some examples are donation and donor management functionalities and a dashboard for …

Artificial intelligence Salesforce

Artificial Intelligence and Salesforce Einstein

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AI and voice are relatively new concepts for businesses. Concepts which can seem very difficult to start with but, just as with Blockchain, Salesforce has created a platform, Salesforce Einstein, to make it very easy for you to incorporate AI in your business. What is artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence is the concept of intelligent machines ‘thinking’ like humans. This means …

Salesforce blockchain

What is Salesforce Blockchain?

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We were very excited when Salesforce announced Salesforce Blockchain during the TrailheaDX conference. Now it is officially here and we would like to help you understand what Salesforce Blockchain is. What is blockchain? In Business, blockchain is a relatively new way of storing data. Blockchain is unique and safer because it consists of a chain of blocks filled with data …

example salesforce dashboard

How to visualize data in Salesforce

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Did you know it is really easy to visualize your data in Salesforce? As a company you probably have a lot of data in Salesforce. Data can be pretty useful to figure out which areas need improvement or are doing really well. Visualized data makes that even easier. Why visualize data? Data presented in charts and tables is easier to …

TrailheaDX 2019

CaseNine to TrailheaDX

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At the end of May a part of the CaseNine team traveled to San Francisco for the TrailheaDX conference. The Salesforce TrailheaDX conference is an event by Salesforce where Salesforce developers can network, follow workshops and where you can learn about new updates and releases of Salesforce. #TDX19 The CaseNine team was very enthusiastic about the event. “I just started …