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A Configure Price Quote solution streamlines complex quotation processes, creates more overview and strengthens the competitive position of your organization. At CaseNine, we support organizations in the energy and telecom market with CPQ solutions based on the Salesforce Industries CPQ platform. The CaseNine team consists of professionals who distinguish themselves through in-depth technical knowledge with a good dose of practical experience. We are aware of the specific challenges in the energy and telecom market like no other and ensure that the CPQ solution fits seamlessly into your business processes. This does not happen automatically: all colleagues are not only provided with up-to-date industry knowledge, but also bring Salesforce expertise and Engineering skills with them. And we are proud of that.

+10 years of Salesforce development experience


  • Over 10 years of experience with Salesforce Development
  • Certified Salesforce Industries Partner
  • More than 50 Salesforce certificates


We combine our focus on the energy and telecom market with a distinctive project approach. This ensures that customers appreciate us not only for our in-depth technical knowledge and industry-specific expertise, but also for the opportunity to always start a conversation with each other. We do not write detailed reports, but provide clear advice. As a Salesforce partner, we feel at home in every phase of the process. From orientation to implementation.


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"Meet the CaseNine team: professionals with a combination of in-depth technical knowledge and a good dose of practical experience"

Leadership Team

Maudy van Eldik
  • Maudy van Eldik
  • CEO & Founder
Yannick van Eldik
  • Yannick van Eldik
  • Operations Manager & Co-founder
Joris Bruijn
  • Joris Bruijn
  • DevOps Manager
Theodoor van Donge
  • Theodoor van Donge
  • Lead Engineer