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Coordinate your existing Salesforce platform better to additional business solutions and components. Salesforce is an excellent solution, but you want it to fit just a bit more within your existing business operations or you need to integrate it seamlessly with other back-office applications.

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Hiring Salesforce Experts

Need to quickly scale up knowledge and experience in your own Salesforce team? Or solve a problem that your own colleagues can’t solve or don’t have time for? CaseNine professionals are here to help you make rapid progress on Salesforce projects. The attractive secondment rates are in any case no obstacle.

Salesforce App development

Expanding the existing Salesforce environment with new apps? CaseNine develops custom solutions such as web applications, mobile apps or other custom work that help sales managers do business faster and better. Dozens of managers already use high-quality, stable, reliable, secure and user-friendly Salesforce applications developed by CaseNine on a daily basis.

Interface APIs for standard applications

Create interfaces with several popular standard applications? CaseNine has extensive experience in interfacing Salesforce with well-known applications such as Twinfield, Exact, RoutIT, Kewill and Datarotonde by Infosupport. This allows you to easily exchange data with the standard applications already in use in your company.

DevOps and Shared DevOps

Our software engineers have extensive DevOps experience. For example, many customers call on DevOps teams that we put together for projects with a longer lead time on a daily basis. Our team can build, implement and manage the Salesforce environment at your own location. You can also opt for a Shared DevOps team where you make use of the multidisciplinary DevOps Center that CaseNine has set up in Amersfoort. A tight schedule with a prioritised backlog ensures the progress of your Salesforce projects.

Salesforce integration

Connecting the Salesforce application to your own back-end administration in just a few weeks? This can be done safely without affecting the up-to-dateness of the existing IT landscape and the progress of sales processes. Thanks to our years of experience with integration projects, you can count on a quick and safe result. Our software developers have created dozens of APIs (Application Program Interfaces) with which software programs can easily exchange data.