Nonprofit Cloud

Organizations active in the nonprofit field face several developments, including:

  • New opportunities and requirements based on digital transition
  • Need for protection of personal data
  • Responding to current developments, such as climate change

We provide professionals with a unique combination of technical know-how and in-depth industry knowledge, so you can best respond to key developments for organizations in the nonprofit field.

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Older people increasingly suffer from loneliness. In this area, there is room for necessary improvement and the introduction of appropriate services.


Climate changes

Climate change requires new insights and effective approaches. Organizations in the nonprofit field can respond.


Reaching out to vulnerable groups

It is important that vulnerable groups are also reached and thus not excluded from society. There is a responsibility here for non-profit organizations.


Volunteerism and volunteers

Volunteerism - and the corresponding demand for volunteers - is more important than ever. In many nonprofit organizations, these issues are high on the agenda.


Digital transition

The digital transition offers nonprofit organizations several opportunities. For example, when donors pay donations at the door, where a digital payment takes over from cash. More and more events are also taking place online and new donors are being approached online. At the same time, many organizations are dealing with outdated systems and the pressure to comply with AVG requirements.


Protection of personal data

Protection of personal data - including donors - is more important than ever. Several organizations are working to protect consumer privacy rights and hold organizations accountable.


The power of social media

Social media are powerful for reaching donors and relationships. It is important that nonprofit organizations make smart use of it.

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CaseNine's experts have a unique combination of technical know-how and in-depth industry knowledge. At every stage of the project, CaseNine's experts are there for you. Discover the CaseNine Method: our proprietary approach that ensures consistent quality and satisfied customers time after time.

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