Software Development Internship

About CaseNine

CaseNine is among the top leaders in Salesforce development. Salesforce is a CRM for most of our customers, but it can be so much more. We use Salesforce primarily as a development platform.

CaseNine is one of the few companies in the Netherlands that actually writes code for Salesforce. Drag and drop within Salesforce is easy to learn, but at CaseNine we take it a step further.

In a small and cozy team, we continuously work on the best Salesforce custom solutions for its customers. If something doesn't exist, but the customer wants it, we write the solution ourselves. Usually we do this in a project team at the customer's site, sometimes at our own office, or from home.

In short, CaseNine is a unique and ambitious company where we think in terms of possibilities and not limitations.

Projects you can work on at CaseNine

  • Integrate Salesforce and accounting systems such as Exact, Twinfield and Kewill
  • Ensuring that a billing system connects to Salesforce's CRM module
  • Create your own tool so Salesforce admins can make their own customizations and thus have more freedom
  • Creating a standard integration mapping tool so the end user can see a preview of their drag and drop work
  • Transferring a developer tool so it can run on Github and Teamcity
  • Making us and our clients work smarter by developing a groundwork project


Our software engineers will help you with your plan. For all these projects, you will be responsible for the architecture, design and realization of these functionalities or tools. You must also be able to demonstrate that your design works.

You will get all the freedom from us to make your graduation period a success. CaseNine is a young and experienced team of Software Engineers who are there to support you. You are in charge of your own development.

This is you:

  • Someone who is open to feedback and dares to ask questions
  • Someone who has already gained experience as a student as a software engineer
  • Someone with a passion for new software knowledge
  • Accurate and able to look critically at your own work
  • Flexible and stress resistant
  • Able to work collaboratively in a team

You can:

  • Writing in at least two programming languages such as Java, Javascript, C#, PHP, C++, Python, SQL, HTML, etc.
  • Coming up with a solution to a problem and writing code for it
  • Programming functionality

What we offer you:

  • A good internship allowance
  • A fun and ambitious team
  • A learning period with excellent supervision
  • A unique internship opportunity
  • Possible job prospects
  • An organization where hard work and successes are celebrated. We have a strong drive to innovate and grow and we do this together.