In 5 answers all about the CaseNine Method

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In 5 answers all about the CaseNine Method

In conversation with: Maudy van Eldik, founder and CEO CaseNine

All projects provided by CaseNine use the CaseNine Method. What does that method entail and why do organizations benefit from it? Maudy van Eldik explains what to expect. "A project is only successful when the end user not only gets excited, but also really uses the solution."

For several years, all CaseNine implementation projects have used the CaseNine Method. What does the method entail?

"In everything we do and make, we apply an important principle: we do everything for the end user. That very characteristic distinguishes the way we work. Often - especially in development environments - people think primarily from technology. With the CaseNine Method, we think precisely from the end user's point of view. This has far-reaching implications: both our methodology and culture are based on this. I myself still like to be seen as an end user. A project is successful when the end user becomes enthusiastic ánd really uses the solution."

What does the CaseNine Method look like during a project?

"The Method consists of several components that are deployed during the process. An implementation path uses a combination of practical tips and tricks and software. These are housed in a library. For the customer, this means, among other things, that a project can be started up faster. That aspect makes for happy end users. After all, the manual work has already been completed. At the start of an implementation project, the standard CaseNine Method is used, but we adapt it based on the customer situation."

Did you know that the method is based on 2 pillars. First is the premise of "Happy Employees, Happy Customers. In addition, the CaseNine Method strives to remove the technical barriers within implementations of CRM and CPQ.

How did the CaseNine Method come about and how distinctive is it?

"The Method was created based on previous projects. That approach creates an interesting dynamic: with each project, the CaseNine Method is further refined and improved. That process has been going on for about three to four years now. As for distinctiveness: in practice, projects are mainly based on the Salesforce implementation methodology. The Method therefore distinguishes itself primarily in the area of the specific add-ons, from which you as an organization benefit directly."

"The implementation of CRM and CPQ solutions is becoming increasingly complex."

Why is this approach particularly relevant in these times?

"We cannot ignore it: the implementation of CRM and CPQ solutions is becoming increasingly complex. We also share this observation with research firm Gartner. With the CaseNine Method, we are responding precisely to this development. The results are well reflected in practice, for example at ENGIE Netherlands. Read the article here.

What further developments can we expect?

"We are currently in the process of further improving and expanding the best practices within the CaseNine Method. This is an ongoing process. Later this year it will also become possible for organizations to purchase the library of the CaseNine Method. Implementation Consultants and engineers can then make direct use of this. Of course, we also provide the associated training."

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Maudy van Eldik

CEO & Founder

Maudy van Eldik is founder of CaseNine and CEO of the organization. In this capacity he is responsible for the overall processes, but also closely involved in the various customer projects.

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