E&U Cloud Summer '22 Release - Everything You Need to Know

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E&U Cloud Summer '22 Release - Everything You Need to Know

Salesforce releases new updates to their platform three times a year. The Energy & Utilities Cloud is an important part of the Salesforce Industries catalog. With each release, CaseNine publishes a summary, so you can quickly and easily get an overview of the key enhancements, features and bug fixes without having to read through the full release notes (which is still a great place to learn more in detail! Click here to see them). In this blog post, we're going to look at the E&U Cloud Summer '22 Release.

Two important new features

In this Summer '22 release of E&U Cloud, Salesforce has added two new features to the package:

  • Contact center console for energy and utility services
  • Increase customer engagement with Utility Self-Serve Portal

Keep reading to learn more about these two new features and why they may be important to your business.

Contact center console for energy and utility services

The E&U Contact Center Console is a feature that has been part of the E&U Cloud package for some time. It is also available for the Communication, Media and Energy packages managed by Salesforce Industries. In this release, we get some welcome enhancements to the console.

Much attention has been paid to improving the experience of agents:

  • Chat can now be pre-configured using omni-channel routing
  • Charts have improved documentation, are user-configurable and now include map and table views with smart meter resolutions

Increase customer engagement with Utility Self-Serve Portal

Administrators can now configure the new self-service portal. This is a portal for customers and provides a seamless experience that reduces the workload for service agents. Some of the key features include:

  • An overview of consumption and estimated costs
  • Understanding how to minimize their costs
  • Support for automatic payment and other ways to pay their bills
  • Ability to update their contact information
  • Options to configure how they want to be kept informed by you
  • A chat that connects customers with your service agents


Use the resources below for more information:

This is all out-of-the-box content coming to the Energy & Utilities Cloud. Want to know more about the Utility Self-Serve Portal? Get in touch with us.

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Colin Hammer

Colin Hamer is a Software Engineer at CaseNine. He is responsible for various Salesforce projects at clients.

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