Working smarter with Scratch Orgs

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Working smarter with Scratch Orgs

Does your organization work with Salesforce Industries solutions? If so, you probably recognize the challenges in testing and implementing new features and processes. Indeed, traditionally, developers share one common sandbox environment.

However, this brings numerous disadvantages:

  • Work is very slow because multiple developers are working in one environment at the same time
  • There is a constant risk of developers inadvertently disrupting or overwriting each other's work
  • Experimentation is difficult because every adjustment has an immediate impact on others
  • No insight into what has been modified and by which developer
  • No version management possible (assuming changesets are used)

These limitations create slow innovation cycles and a high time-to-market for new Salesforce features. Fortunately, Salesforce offers a highly effective solution to these challenges with Scratch Orgs.

What are Scratch Orgs?

Scratch orgs are short-lived, isolated Salesforce development environments that automatically disappear after a maximum of 30 days. In this way, each developer can have a completely separate development environment to work in without interfering with other team members.

This offers enormous advantages for the development and testing process:

  • Every developer has their own environment to develop and experiment quickly and risk-free
  • No more chance of inadvertently disrupting someone else's work
  • New features can be tried and delivered very quickly
  • Standardizing licenses, security settings and integrations gets a lot easier
  • More complex Salesforce configurations are risk-free to test
  • Scratch orgs you can set up many times faster than a traditional sandbox
  • Also, you can really set up a scratch org your own way

Optimal support for Salesforce Industries

Specifically, for organizations working with Salesforce Industries, Scratch Orgs offer tremendous benefits. Complex Industries configurations, omnichannel solutions and OmniStudio components can be developed and tested in isolation without impacting other systems.

This greatly accelerates the implementation of new Salesforce Industries features. Developers can try out complex solutions without the risk of disrupting existing implementations. The ability to get new components to production more stably is also important.

Live demo where Theodoor van Donge Tech Lead creates a scratch-org


Scratch orgs help companies working with Salesforce (Industries) become as much as 50-70% more efficient. They often accompany the implementation of a CI/CD process because scratch orgs are specifically designed to be used in a CI/CD pipeline. This is not necessarily the case with sandboxes, although they can still be used in a CI/CD process.

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