Salesforce Industries CPQ Opportunities for the Telecommunications Industry

Salesforce Industries CPQ Opportunities for the Telecommunications Industry

Major changes have taken place in the telecommunications industry in recent years. There is a strong need for flexibility within the process chain, from quote process to contract management. Salesforce Industries CPQ helps organizations create flexible quotes, takes into account things like discounts and new product combinations and ensures faster delivery of relevant proposals. The greatest success is achieved with the right preparation. “A phased rollout provides the necessary overview.” Theodoor van Donge reveals the opportunities for the Telecom industry.

Salesforce IndustriesImage: Vlocity adds new industry clouds, now Salesforce Industries


What challenges does the telecommunications industry currently face?

“Currently, there is a strong need for flexibility within the entire process chain. Examples include the preparation of quotes and effective contract management. In practice, we often notice within the telecommunications industry that different systems are used, which over time leave a lot to be desired in terms of clarity. Custom solutions that were developed in the past, but which no longer meet the current requirements of the organization, are also common.”

Speaking of those requirements: how does a quote process differ from other branches within the telecommunications industry?

“For example, new product bundles are being developed, which can also be adjusted monthly. An effective CPQ solution helps you in the design, so your process is well-aligned with the aforesaid requirements.”

How do you optimally prepare for an Salesforce Industries CPQ process?

“Make sure your preparation is right: there is much to be gained in this area. Assume the desired process as your starting point. In addition, it is important to clearly define which functional requirements the new system must meet. Avoid the pitfall of simply rebuilding the old system. Unfortunately, this tendency continues to exist in practice and is firmly anchored in the natural idea that ‘people are already familiar with that system’. This also underlines the need to pay attention to users and behavior: that change remains a challenge. To solve this smartly, you can use a phased rollout. Not only does this offer certainty and overview from a technical point of view, it also offers the possibility to involve users in the process. The phased approach also enables you to expand functionality later on, for example when the organization starts using new sales channels. Also important for a proper preparation:  make the right people available in time, right from the first phase. Examples include product managers and account managers, who are indispensable for mapping out the process and helping to ensure that the integrations are in order.”

What makes the combination of CaseNine and Salesforce Industries CPQ interesting for the telecommunications industry?Screen Shot 2021 06 23 at 12.27.05 PM 3

“What I like about CaseNine is the team’s approach: it consists of professionals who are profoundly technical. This is immediately reflected in customer projects and the way in which they are handled: we don’t easily back down from a complex project. In combination with Salesforce Industries CPQ, we deliver an adaptable and flexible environment.” 

Want to know more about the benefits that a CPQ solution offers in practice? Click here for more background information about CPQ or contact us directly for a consultation. 

Theodoor van Donge
Author // Theodoor van Donge

Theodoor van Donge is Lead Software Engineer at CaseNine. In this capacity, he is responsible for various CPQ implementations at customers, including energy supplier Engie. In addition to his involvement in the actual development and implementation of CPQ solutions, Theodoor also advises customers in the areas of process and strategy. In doing so, he uses his substantive expertise and practical knowledge.

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