An overview of Dreamforce 2023

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An overview of Dreamforce 2023

We have prepared for you a concise summary of the Salesforce event of the year. Below is an overview of the most important developments.

During Dreamforce '23, Salesforce's newest product was introduced: the Einstein 1 Platform. This platform combines the power of Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein AI to provide businesses with a trusted AI environment. It allows them to effortlessly integrate different data sources and easily develop AI-driven applications without requiring technical programming skills. This opens the door to entirely new CRM experiences that perfectly match users' needs.

Dreamforce 2023

One notable aspect was the importance of a strong AI strategy combined with a solid data strategy, something Parker Harris, co-founder and CTO of Salesforce, emphasized. Salesforce's metadata framework, which has served as a kind of "connector" for data between different applications for nearly 25 years, plays an essential role in this. It provides a unified view of data across the organization, regardless of where it comes from. This allows companies to leverage powerful AI applications and workflows, leading to increased productivity, reduced costs and an excellent customer experience.

Another important topic discussed was the problem of customer data fragmentation caused by the use of various applications in organizations and the challenges of integration. Salesforce's metadata framework addresses this problem by structuring and understanding data across Salesforce applications. This enables customized user experiences and actions through smart tools such as Einstein and Flow, without the need for complex integration code.

The Einstein 1 Platform also includes the Einstein Data Cloud, a powerful data engine that integrates and harmonizes different types of data. This results in a comprehensive view of the customer, enabling innovative CRM experiences. A special mention deserves Einstein Copilot, an intelligent assistant integrated into every Salesforce CRM application that helps users with their work. It understands natural language questions and provides reliable answers based on Data Cloud business data.

In short, the Einstein 1 Platform is a breakthrough innovation, bringing together Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein AI to transform CRM experiences. It enables companies to create AI-driven applications and workflows with easy development tools. This mobilizes the power of AI and data to increase productivity, reduce costs and deliver exceptional customer interactions. This opens the door to an exciting new phase of technological advancement and business success.

All in all, Dreamforce '23 was a successful event, where the unveiling of the Einstein 1 Platform created excitement. We are already looking forward to next year!

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Colin Hammer

Colin Hamer is a Software Engineer at CaseNine. He is responsible for various Salesforce projects at clients.

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