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Visual Process CPQ


Are you a developer or architect? Do you also find it difficult to work with the Industries CPQ shopping cart? Do you also struggle with where to adjust to meet customer requirements? Use this new visual tool where we explain exactly when what happens. In the future, we want to explore whether we can go a step further and add more details. Let us know which area you would like to see more in-depth and what you find useful.


For many people, the Industries CPQ shopping cart is a mystery. It is difficult to understand what it does and in what order things take place. Developers find it difficult to know where to intervene in the Industries CPQ to modify its behavior.


Using this visual tool we designed, people working on Industries CPQ will find it increasingly useful to use your visual tool to design and build customizations on top of the Industries CPQ shopping cart.


Developers and architects working with the Industries CPQ shopping cart.


I hope this article will help you. Want to know more about OmniStudio FlexCards? Then read our blog: 'FlexCards: The Easy Way To Create Lightning Web Components' to learn more.

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Theodore van Donge

Tech Lead

Theodoor van Donge works at CaseNine as a Tech lead. In this capacity he is responsible for several projects at customers. Theodoor is not only involved in the actual development and implementation, but also advises customers in the areas of process and strategy. In doing so, he uses his substantive expertise and practical knowledge.

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