CaseNine is constantly innovating. You can see the result of this in our Developer Seat and CI/CD product, among others: a collection of valuable and useful tools.

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD) is a modern method of software development, where incremental code changes are made frequently and reliably.

  • Effective support for development and deployment steps for Salesforce

With CI/CD from CaseNine, you have a complete CI/CD platform including the basic tools. On top of that, you get immediate access to exclusive tooling and best practices developed by CaseNine.


Developers Seat

The Casenine Developers Seat is a solution that automates the required environments plus the deployment logic.

  • Optimized development, without knowing how a dev or test environment is built or how deployment to these environments is set up.

Reduce time at the start of a project or when onboarding a new programmer to set up all environments with the right logic.



Avoid wasting time during software development. With the CaseNine Libary you speed up the development process without further concessions.

  • Access to ready-made SFDX plugins, template engines, force loggers and trigger frameworks

CaseNine Library gives you access to experts on Github, Teamcity and IntelliJ.


AppExchange Apps

CaseNine Labs: a collection of valuable and useful tools for Salesforce environments.

  • Instantly usable and available through Salesforce AppExchange

With TimeCapsule you capture important data in a structured and secure way. With Download Button you make a document or template easily and securely accessible to other colleagues within the organization.

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