Salesforce Industries Implementation

Salesforce Industries experts are engineers with industry knowledge and knowledge of Industries Solutions software.

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Salesforce Industries requires industry knowledge but also special software knowledge. Companies want to take advantage of the industry-specific functionality offered by Salesforce Industries. But Salesforce

Making Industries function optimally requires knowledge of the industry but, more importantly, of the software tool Omnistudio used to set up Industries.

We support:

  • Salesforce Industries for Energy & Utilities
  • Salesforce Industries for Communication
  • Salesforce Industries for Not for Profit

Why CaseNine

CaseNine Salesforce Engineers translate your business goals into an appropriate Salesforce solution that is scalable, future-proof and reliable.

Issues where we can help:

  • There is a clear business strategy. This must now be translated into the Salesforce solution.
  • I don't want to waste precious time getting started on the Salesforce project.
  • For my product or service, I am constantly introducing new functionality. The Salesforce Development and Maintenance team must be equipped to handle this.
  • Different (programming) languages are spoken in my IT environment. I need a partner who is not limited to Salesforce Technology.

Working with the Salesforce experts at CaseNine?

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