Switching to Salesforce Lightning

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Switching to Salesforce Lightning

Have you been doubting for a while whether it's worth switching from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning? Such a transition almost seems like another project in itself, takes time and entire teams have to get used to a renewed system again. Even though it seems like a lot of hassle, we believe it is definitely worth it.


First and foremost, Salesforce lightning is more user-friendly and intelligent platform than the Classic variant. No matter what role you have within the team, the system is easier for everyone to use. Salesforce lightning is thus designed to simplify workflow and allow teams to work more efficiently and productively.

More useful features are available within Salesforce Lightning, including a performance chart, a virtual assistant, the ability to take notes and add logos. In addition, the system has been given a whole new look and the desktop version is inspired by the convenience of a mobile version.

You can always go back to Classic

The advantage is that you don't have to switch completely from Classic to Lightning right away. Because not all Classic features are supported by Lightning, Salesforce Classic remains available and is just two clicks away within your Salesforce environment. So the users you give access to Lightning can simply switch from one version to another.

No more updates for Classic

Yet another slightly more pressing reason to switch is that Salesforce Classic is no longer getting updates. Salesforce is focusing primarily on Lightning when it comes to renewing and updating. By the way, this does not mean that you can no longer get support for the Classic variant, all the service around it will continue to exist.

Actually, switching can hardly go wrong and is definitely recommended if you want to work faster and more efficiently in a user-friendly environment. If you still have doubts? Then you can use the Salesforce Readiness Check, a service offered by Salesforce that verifies for you whether your current version of Salesforce is suitable for the switch to Lightning.

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Colin Hammer

Colin Hamer is a Software Engineer at CaseNine. He is responsible for various Salesforce projects at clients.

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