What is Salesforce Industries CPQ?

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What is Salesforce Industries CPQ?

Staying relevant in the fast-paced Energy & Utilities or Communications sector is a huge challenge as a company. But one of vital importance. To succeed, companies must constantly evolve. One of the major pain points in doing so is that their sales process is often labor-intensive, inconsistent and prone to error. Incorrect data and the human touch are often the culprit. What is Salesforce Industries CPQ?

With Salesforce Industries CPQ, companies can meet this challenge.

Salesforce Industries CPQ, also known as Configure-Price-Quote, is a cloud-based application that allows companies to automate their sales processes. By streamlining their quoting and ordering process, errors due to incorrect data are immediately reduced. With this tool, companies achieve consistent results by configuring product options and pricing in no time.

CPQ allows customers to tailor their quotation process with features such as guided selling, contract management, automated discounts and approvals, and integrated analytics. This allows the sales team to create complex quotations faster and more accurately. And we all know: faster quoting means more deals closed.

With Salesforce Industries CPQ, companies can optimize their sales processes resulting in greater efficiency, customer satisfaction and increased revenue .

In this blog post, we zoom in on Salesforce Industries CPQ; what is it? how does it work? And what are its key benefits. Salesforce Industries CPQ offers several advantages over competing CPQ solutions. Want to know more:'Why choose Salesforce Industries CPQ as an organization? Read our blog here.

Watch the video below and learn how to create a quote in Salesforce Industries

Streamline sales processes with Salesforce Industries CPQ

Salesforce Industries CPQ is a comprehensive cloud-based software solution for streamlining and optimizing sales processes across the customer journey. This facilitates the creation of complex products and the management of associated pricing strategies, resulting in much faster quotations.



OmniStudio rounds out this complete suite of tools with integrated Guided Selling capabilities that give sales teams all the information they need to make the sharpest and most profitable recommendations to customers. With all these features in one place, Salesforce Industries CPQ ensures that companies are well in control of their sales processes.


Optimized quotations

Software that gives users a streamlined way to configure products, generate quotes and track orders gives companies an edge. Automation simplifies the process and can help save time and money. Employees can then focus on tasks such as working on leads, customer satisfaction and order management.

With features such as personalized discount levels for VIP customers and automated triggers for expedited shipping, the software simplifies the shopping experience for businesses and end users. By having access to everything they need in one place, businesses can better manage their workflow while providing excellent customer service.


Quotes that ring true

Salesforce Industries CPQ helps companies ensure that the information on their quotes is accurate and up-to-date. With real-time analytics, companies can track the accuracy and consistency of their quotes as they are created so they can spot any discrepancies before they reach potential customers.

This is important because inconsistency can lead to misunderstandings and ultimately harm customer relationships. By using this tool, companies can ensure that all data is correct to provide their customers with a solid experience.


Increased flexibility

One of the major advantages of Salesforce Industries CPQ is its flexibility. Companies can easily add new products or services to the platform and adapt it to their needs. This makes it easier to process orders with complicated pricing structures and make the changes needed for complex quote processes.

In addition, companies can save time by setting custom rules for approvals. Thus, they increase their efficiency in creating quotes and processing orders.


Increased efficiency

A streamlined quoting solution saves time and helps companies increase efficiency. When Salesforce Industries CPQ is properly implemented, companies can reduce manual processes and paperwork, allowing them to serve customers faster by providing accurate quotes quickly.

Sales reps can also create multiple versions of quotations, allowing them to better track their prospects. In this way, the software removes bottlenecks in the quotation process, improving efficiency throughout the organization.


Contract Management and Product Bundling with Salesforce Industries CPQ

The software helps companies improve their operations with features such as contract management and product bundling. Contract management can be further optimized by integrating third-party applications into your new CPQ solution. For example, it helps business owners keep track of agreements and obligations, streamlining the process for both parties. Product bundling can be used to create attractive offers that benefit both customers and the business itself. Want to know more about common migration pitfalls? Then read our blog:'7 secret migration pitfalls from Product Console to Product Designer'.


Integrated analysis and reporting

Salesforce Industries CPQ has an integrated analytics package that provides users with detailed insights into their business performance. This helps companies stay on top of trends and make better decisions to drive growth.

The software offers a comprehensive reporting system that allows companies to measure the impact of their campaigns. It also includes intuitive reporting tools that allow companies to easily track their performance and measure their success over time. . This helps companies closely monitor the progress of their sales activities and take action as needed.

With these features, Salesforce Industries CPQ is the ideal solution for any company looking to optimize its quoting process and improve efficiency across all of its departments.


CPQ saves money 

Salesforce Industries CPQ is an effective tool for companies looking to streamline their sales processes and improve customer service. It helps them optimize their quoting process and improve efficiency by producing accurate quotations faster. With its intuitive design and integrated guided selling capabilities, this software helps companies take their customer service to the next level. Ultimately, that's what helps them stay competitive in this dynamic landscape.

The application's powerful automation capabilities make it easy for salespeople and customers to access the right information, configure orders correctly and generate quotes quickly with minimal manual supervision. It is a smart system that manages new high-volume sales environments, which many companies face today. It also ensures compliance of orders with company policies. With this system, companies can maximize efficiency while achieving significant cost savings.

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