5 Advantages of Salesforce NPSP

5 Advantages of Salesforce NPSP

About a year ago Salesforce.org introduced the Nonprofit Cloud, a combination of Salesforce products that meet the needs of nonprofit organizations. A big part of the Nonprofit Cloud is the Nonprofit Success Pack, this pack adds elements to Salesforce that are specifically created for nonprofit organizations. Some examples are donation and donor management functionalities and a dashboard for fundraising and campaigns.

1. Everything in one place

For most nonprofit organizations every piece of data can enter the CRM system differently, for example through donations, new contributors, fundraising events, volunteers and campaigns. With Salesforce NPSP all of this data ends up in one place. When this data is processed, either automatically or through an admin, this data is always available, wherever you are.

2. It is easy to analyze data

In Salesforce it is easy to analyze and visualize data. This can be useful to gain insight into which campaigns were most successful, which fundraising event raised the most money or new contributors, or which aspects need more attention or improvement.

3. Salesforce contributes too

When you are eligible as a nonprofit for Salesforce.org, Salesforce donates ten users. There is no time limit to these user accounts, you can always use these ten users, even if it takes a couple of years to grow as a nonprofit organization. Next to those ten basically free user accounts, Salesforce is cheaper for nonprofit organizations than for other businesses.

Another nice feature is that users of the Salesforce NPSP have access to the Power of Us Hub. This is an online platform where Salesforce specialists and developers are ready for you to answer any questions or help you with issues you might encounter.

4. Easy to manage contributors and volunteers

Salesforce NPSP makes it easy to manage donations and contributors. It allows you to, next to keeping track of basic information, fill in whether someone is a contributor, made a one-time donation, or is a volunteer. Next to that you can create Household and Organization accounts. Here you can add people to a Household (usually a family or a group of friends) or an Organization account (usually the employees of a company).

Another feature is connecting certain skills to volunteers. This means that, with the correct filters, you can find the perfect volunteer for a specific kind of job or event.

5. NPSP is easy to adjust or to add on

Salesforce NPSP gives nonprofit organizations a solid foundation with functionalities nonprofits might need. From the perspective of a Salesforce developer NPSP is a nice pack to work with as it is open source. This means that the platform is accessible to everyone and it is easy to leave out functionalities or even add on to what is already there.

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