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KWF Cancer Society


Salesforce NPSP

Salesforce NPSP and Salesforce Platform

KWF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting cancer. Their mission is to beat cancer as quickly as possible. They raise funds with which they fund and guide cancer research.

The business case

KWF was looking for a partner to manage their Salesforce environment. Salesforce was already in place and set up. CaseNine, in collaboration with KWF and, took over the management of the Salesforce environment. The team deals with new developments, updates, new features and extensions where needed. At KWF, in addition to the standard Salesforce environment, they work with the nonprofit success pack (NPSP).

Our DevOps work

  • Ensuring that all data, integrations and processes continue to work as expected.
  • Building new functionalities and processes, for example, building interfaces between external systems and services
  • Building an import module that ensures that data delivered from different vendors ends up in one place in Salesforce
  • Applying a DevOps scrum structure
  • Supporting continuous data migrations
  • Automation of manual actions
  • Busy implementing a version control system and deployment automation tool
  • Working on the architecture of the Salesforce environment