What Happened at Dreamforce ‘22

What Happened at Dreamforce ‘22

Big Moves At Dreamforce ‘22

Dreamforce 2022 made its debut and unveiled some awesome new Salesforce (and partner’s) products and developments. Among the most notable new products announced were Salesforce Genie and Salesforce Net Zero Cloud and Marketplace.

Salesforce Genie

genieImage: Salesforce Genie a hyper-scale, real-time data platform

Salesforce referred to Genie as the “biggest innovation” in the last twenty years of Salesforce. Genie is a hyper-scale, real-time data platform that runs on the Hyperforce public cloud infrastructure located on public cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Alibaba. It utilizes a data lake architecture built through Salesforce’s recently-enhanced partnership with cloud data warehousing specialist, Snowflake. Genie takes traditionally siloed information and delivers it in quickly using built-in connectors to a single multi-use profile. This will allow a real-time customer experience like never before by moving data wherever it’s needed–automatically and fast.

Salesforce Net Zero Cloud (+ Marketplace)

Salesforce has been a leader in environmental sustainability for years. They revitalized that
dedication to the environment by creating Net Zero Cloud and Marketplace.

Net Zero Cloud

net zero cloud Image: Net Zero Cloud

Net Zero Cloud makes it easier for companies to manage their sustainability data and automate
emissions tracking from their suppliers, among other sustainability factors.

Net Zero Marketplace

Net Zero Marketplace will help connect buyers with ecopreneurs and offers a new e-commerce platform for purchasing their services and products.

Other Developments

Industry-Focused Slack Services
Salesforce now offers industry-focused Slack services through partnerships with organizations
such as Atrium. Atrium offers a Slack product aimed at wealth and asset management firms,
where employees can share data using Slack.

Hyperforce is a platform that securely delivers Salesforce Cloud products on major public
clouds, including AWS, Azure, and Google. It is a re-imagination of the platform to make it more
reliable and secure.

Slack Canvas

Slack canvasImage: Slack Canvas (beta)

Salesforce has announced that Slack Canvas will be coming next year, a new surface for Slack
customers where employees can curate, organize and share resources. For now, Canvas is in

Wrapping Up
Dreamforce was a great event this year, as always. It brought with it many exciting
developments and new products. In the coming weeks, more sessions will be available live on

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