A new revolutionary customer experience for Eurofiber

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Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, CPQ

A new revolutionary customer experience for Eurofiber

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Eurofiber, a leading player in the European data infrastructure and fiber market, had the challenge of developing a platform focused on their specific lead generation, conversion and ordering needs. After a first attempt with Cloud Sense, they decided to rethink their strategy and leverage the power of Salesforce Industries (then known as Vlocity). Fortunately, they already had technical expertise in-house, as Salesforce was already in use for some of their departments.

To achieve this goal, Eurofiber pooled an extensive network of developers, including CaseNine, Vlocity, in-house developers and freelancers, each of whom contributed their unique skills to the project.


Eurofiber's product offering is very complex, which had a significant impact on several aspects of their business, notably:

  • Silos in customer information, which were labor intensive to navigate through for employees.
  • Decreased number of new customers.
  • Errors and inconsistency in data and results due to non-aligned customer service processes.
  • Complicated products, leading to complicated decomposition of products for order management.
  • Complicated contracts and financial data that were often tainted by human error.
  • Incorrect or unreliable reporting of network outages from an outdated system.

Eurofiber understood that they needed to remove as much of the "human" element from their processes as possible to lighten the workload and, more importantly, help prevent human error.


Along with a few other Salesforce partners, CaseNine began the journey to provide Eurofiber with a clear 360 customer experience that would benefit both the customers and the teams working with their information.

Through a series of carefully designed sprints, CaseNine and partners:

  • The implementation started with one CPQ product (Ethernet) as an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) before including the rest of the project.
  • Implemented a Salesforce solution that streamlined the entire sales process, including CPQ, order management and contract management. Initially, only the sales departments worked with Salesforce, but we helped implement the effective CRM solution in most departments.
  • A DevOPs framework is built and runs on the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Implemented Salesforce Service Cloud for the Network Monitoring Center, replacing a legacy system that had provided inconsistent monitoring of Network Outings.
  • Implemented a Salesforce Industries CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution.


With this new platform, Eurofiber can now serve its clients even faster than before to meet their changing needs quickly and reliably. Among other things, we have improved their processes by implementing the following:

  • Sales Cloud - After analyzing sales processes, we re-implemented the existing Sales Cloud to improve the functionality of the sales department. This resulted in over 30% improvement in data accuracy for account managers and sales staff.
  • Service Cloud - We transitioned twenty-five users from the Tier 1 and Tier 2 departments for Network Monitoring Department to the Service Cloud. This resulted in more transparency and insight into ongoing issues, faster resolution, less email traffic and ultimately better SLA compliance.
  • CPQ - This solution allows effortless creation of products, orders and quotations for different product lines.

Thanks to the new 360-degree client view, Eurofiber had the ability to adapt their service offerings using automated tools and process optimization. This allows Eurofiber to meet their clients' needs while providing a secure environment that effectively protects client data.

Eurofiber's digital transformation was an ambitious project, consisting of multiple smaller projects. Each project was led by experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME's), who used their expertise to develop each component into an effective part of the bigger picture. This approach proved highly successful, resulting in a successful completion of the digital transition for the company. It was an exciting journey full of challenging but rewarding moments, with each expert making their individual contribution to the joint project.

With these steps, Eurofiber has digitized the entire customer journey.

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