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Fudura and CaseNine Partners in Powerful Energy Solutions

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Fudura is a leader when it comes to providing reliable energy infrastructure and the smartest insights into energy performance. Thanks to their efforts, more than 25,000 companies would be in the dark every day without their reliable energy solutions and advanced analytics. This makes Fudura an important partner for companies looking to optimize their energy consumption and conduct proper energy planning.


As a leading provider of energy infrastructure, providing exceptional service to its customers is Fudura's number one priority. In order to maintain their industry-leading position and service levels, Fudura recognized that an overhaul of their organizational processes was necessary.

The projects that needed to be implemented to make this revision a reality were identified. To ensure that these initiatives were successfully implemented and aligned, Fudura recognized that they needed expert help.

The first project on their agenda was setting up a comprehensive connection registry in Salesforce. Another major project was providing EAN codes for third-party connections to the grid. The third project focused on automating the allocation of electricity and gas. This required cooperation with a metering company certified in installing, managing and maintaining energy meters. To achieve optimal results in these projects, Fudura looked for a reliable Salesforce partner.


Fudura's first project on the list involved the development of a comprehensive connection registry in Salesforce. The goal of the project was to improve communication channels between Fudura's administrative department and customers by recording all connections to their network.

Fudura's administrative service has several key critical tasks and responsibilities, including meter reading, communication with suppliers on changes in (sub)allocation and reconciliation, monitoring and communication of consumption data, and providing customer-specific reporting and billing capabilities.

EAN Codes
Fudura engaged CaseNine to address a number of critical requirements related to its energy infrastructure operations. One such requirement was the provision of EAN codes for third-party connections to the grid, a critical aspect of ensuring seamless and effective energy delivery to customers.

Fudura used CaseNine's expertise in setting up the messaging system for switching energy suppliers. This is a key component for smoothly switching suppliers. Careful planning and execution were required to ensure that all data was securely and reliably transferred to involved parties.

Automation allocation gas and electricity
To meet the demands involved in large business energy consumption, Fudura works with an advanced system for the automation of electricity and gas supply. They do this in cooperation with a metering company certified in the installation, management and maintenance of energy meters. In this way, energy consumption and production are measured daily. This data is read remotely and checked regularly before being sent to the grid operator.

Measuring energy consumption involves a number of complicated processes. Such as installation, verification, certification, and data processing and transfer. The metering company carefully manages these procedures to ensure data integrity.

These data are crucial for determining daily energy and production needs in the Netherlands. The same is true for determining monthly energy bills for individual consumers.

In short, a metering company is an indispensable link for a reliable national energy supply. Working closely with Fudura and others, they help keep this complex system running like a well-oiled machine, providing their customers with the very best service.


Solutions have been successfully implemented for various aspects of Fudura's energy infrastructure, including meter reading, supplier switching, (sub)allocation, reconciliation, monitoring and communication of consumption data. In addition, customer-specific reports and customized billing options have been developed to meet the unique needs of each customer.

This has significantly improved Fudura's operational capabilities, leading to greater ease of use, flexibility and stability for its customers. The ongoing partnership demonstrates Fudura's commitment to providing the best solutions in energy infrastructure, and allows it to continue to meet the complex needs of this dynamic market. CaseNine has proven over the years that it offers reliable quality solutions, which has led to a fruitful collaboration between the two parties.


The implementation of these measures has not only led to significant improvements in Fudura's operational efficiency, but also increased ease of use and transparency for customers. With CaseNine's help, Fudura was able to successfully implement these initiatives, which helped cement its reputation as a leading provider of energy infrastructure.

With these steps, Fudura has optimized operational efficiency.

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