Telfort Netherlands (now KPN) modernizes sales system

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Telfort Netherlands (now KPN) modernizes sales system

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Telfort Zakelijk, now KPN, has long been a major player in the Dutch market for customized mobile subscriptions for business customers. They have developed various plans and offers suitable for small businesses, large enterprises and everything in between, taking into account the diverse needs of each group. With multiple subscription types available, it was crucial that ZZP'ers, entrepreneurs and businesses could be confident that they were getting the right package that fit their specific needs perfectly.

Telfort Business decided to streamline the subscription sales process and attract customers with a new product offering. Unfortunately, their old portal, full of outdated information, was not up to this challenge, no matter how hard the IT department worked. Moreover, offering prepaid plans and options added an additional complexity that the old system struggled with.

It was clear that Telfort Business needed an overhaul and a new software solution to modernize their outdated system. With the telecom market becoming increasingly competitive and more players and MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) gaining market share, it is essential to keep up and offer the easiest to use service to stay competitive in this market.


Telfort Business saw an impact in several areas of their business. Some of the most notable were:

  • A marked decrease in new customers
  • Difficulty retaining existing customers who were lured away by competitors
  • Reduced upselling and cross-selling due to outdated portal


CaseNine was called in to provide Telfort Business with a much-needed update. The team has experts in Salesforce Industries CPQ solutions and application development and implementation.

The strategy included expanding Telfort Zakelijk's product offerings through the portal and creating an easy-to-navigate interface for businesses looking for subscriptions in partnership with Telfort Zakelijk. By providing a single channel where partners could manage all their Telfort Zakelijk business needs, from subscriptions to renewals, the same system could support them every step of the way.

This goal was achieved through a series of carefully designed sprints. The team expanded and tested the functionality of the system step by step to ensure that it met the requirements of Telfort Business and its customers:

  • Implemented a new sales process through Salesforce Industries (CRM).
  • Implemented a CPQ (configure-price-quote) solution to take prospects from quotation to order and convert them into customers with effortless upselling and cross-selling.
  • Implemented a new contract management process.
  • Implemented a Self-Service Portal (now called Experience Cloud in Salesforce) for partners, where they can easily place orders without needing assistance.
  • Continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) set up to facilitate implementation in the new product landscape with minimal downtime.


After implementing the new customer portal, Telfort Business saw an improvement in their performance. Maintaining the new system is easy for the IT department, which is an improvement over the previous system.

The new portal provides customers with an easy and convenient experience, which attracts more customers. This means employees are no longer overwhelmed by the demands of managing the portal, and the bottom line quickly benefits from this success. Clearly, an investment in good technology can really pay off.

Some of the immediately noticeable improved features include:

  • New products can easily be brought to market, including new package combinations of existing products.
  • Partners can easily place orders through the new portal without assistance.
  • Less technical debt. IT can quickly update and maintain the new system without dealing with the issues that can hinder rapid releases.

With these steps, Telfort Business has optimized the entire customer journey for its business customers.

Check out the Self Service Portal of Telfort Business (now KPN)

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