Breaking data barriers: find out how CaseNine built seamless integrations with Twinfield and Tribess for MTTM

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Breaking data barriers: discover how CaseNine revolutionized MTTM Telecom's operations with seamless integrations of Twinfield and Tribess

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MTTM is a leading telecom and Internet broker that caters to B2B clients. They specialize in reselling telecom services provided by major providers such as T-Mobile and Verizon to various businesses, including call centers and physical therapy practices. With their expertise, MTTM provides customized solutions to enhance communications and connectivity, enabling customers to thrive in their respective industries. Their customer-centric approach, strong industry partnerships and commitment to delivering first-class service have earned them a solid reputation in the market.


MTTM has Salesforce as their CRM system to manage their customer relationships, while Tribess is used to store actual Internet and phone data. Recently, the company switched to a new accounting system, Twinfield, to better manage their financial transactions. However, this transition presented some challenges in streamlining their procedures, which ultimately affected the efficiency of their operations.

Within Salesforce, sales representatives created new orders, while actual usage data (Charging Data Records, CDRs) for Internet and telephone services were stored in Tribess.

With the implementation of the new accounting system, Twinfield, all financial transactions that occurred in Salesforce also had to be recorded in the accounting system.

Unfortunately, this process did not run smoothly because the finance department had to manually create invoices in Twinfield and transfer order data from both Salesforce and Tribess. This resulted in inefficiency and duplication of effort, which negatively impacted overall business performance.


The manual process of transferring data between systems caused problems for MTTM's finance department, resulting in inaccurate data and a significant amount of manual work. These problems, in turn, caused negative consequences:

  • Dissatisfied customers: Incorrect and delayed invoices led to customer dissatisfaction, which damaged MTTM's reputation and resulted in lost sales.
  • Lack of clear customer overview: Since the systems did not communicate with each other, a clear overview of customer data was lacking. It was difficult to understand customer data usage, payment statuses and other relevant information.


To solve these problems, MTTM enlisted the expertise of CaseNine, a Salesforce Partner, to assemble a team focused on creating a seamless integration between Salesforce and Twinfield. This integration enables two-way communication, allowing data to be sent and received between the two platforms.

Next, the team focused on setting up an integration with Tribess that allowed two-way communication for sending and receiving data related to their CDRs.

In addition, the team developed additional functionality within Salesforce that allowed them to include subscription and CDR charges directly on invoices. This further streamlined their billing and subscription processes.


Thanks to Salesforce's link to Twinfield, MTTM now has a comprehensive and clear customer view. They have fluid access to key customer information such as data usage, billing status, equipment used and more.

This integration has also allowed MTTM to view outstanding invoices and other payment data in a bundled format, which has improved their financial management and reduced pressure on their staff.

With the integration with Tribess, all data used can now. be stored in Salesforce, allowing MTTM to easily track billable services and CDRs. With this integrated solution, MTTM has significantly reduced manual work, eliminated billing inaccuracies and improved overall customer satisfaction.

By leveraging CaseNine's expertise, MTTM achieved the following:

  • Improved operational efficiency and accuracy in billing processes
  • Clear visibility into customer usage, billing data and payment information
  • Strengthen financial management and reduce pressure on staff
  • Improving customer relations and enhancing corporate reputation

This successful integration project enabled MTTM Telecom to streamline their business operations, giving them the tools necessary to scale up efficiently. At the same time, they continue to deliver outstanding service to their customers.

With these steps, MTTM optimized the entire billing process.

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